Benefits of online banking

Listing advantages & disadvantages of online banking along with security tips and precautionary measures for account's safety and protection.

What are the benefits of online banking? Online banking is execution of financial transactions on internet. Almost all the banks and financial institutions have opted for online transaction processing for their account holders around the world.

Many banks all over the world have developed mobile applications for the ease of operations of bank accounts by their account holders. These apps make it simple for the account holders to execute financial transactions through mobile phones.

Benefits of online banking

One can also make payments from his/her account through the website of the bank where the account is being maintained. Online banking is different from traditional banking where depositors/account holders used to visit the bank for depositing funds and vice versa. So far, we have pretty much explained the question that what is online banking? Now let’s discuss different aspects and benefits.

Advantages of online banking

Following are the broad advantages of online banking:

  • Most importantly, transactions take place in the nick of time
  • No need to visit bank branch physically
  • More secured and safe to transact online
  • Time saving as well as cost avoiding with respect to travelling and fuel consumption
  • No need to be lined up in a queue
  • Transactions can be done any time during 24/7
  • Quick confirmation of receipt of funds by the recipient
  • Bank statement is available online
  • People can apply for other services from the bank online
  • Paperless environment subsequently makes it more environment friendly
  • Historical data is available in soft form over the extended period of time
  • Online banking avoids human intervention which is prone to undue delays, errors and slow processing
  • Execution of transactions from anywhere in the world

There is no denial from the fact that these benefits of online banking have made lives easier for bank clients.

Disadvantages of online banking

Following are the disadvantages of online banking:

  • Lack of trust on online banking by the account holders
  • Transactions can’t be done if online banking system is down due to any reason
  • Fear of loss of transaction trail due to absence of hard evidence of the transactions
  • Implementation of excessive password controls and loss/theft of passwords
  • Loss of funds due to stolen login ID and password
  • Risk of alteration of transactional details by the bank staff in the database of the bank
  • Limitation on the amount of transaction & imposition of transactional fee
  • Potential of over spending by the account holders due to ease of banking
  • Absence of physical interaction with the bankers/relationship manager therefore a sense of social isolation among the users of online banking facility
  • Risk of provision of data to regulatory bodies by the bank or hacking of personal data
  • Visit to ATM for the withdrawal of cash which is not handled through online banking system

Security tips for online banking

Following security measures must be employed to remain safe and secured while transacting online:

  • Firstly, account holder must regularly change passwords to avoid loss or theft of funds.
  • Maintenance of multiple accounts in a bank where one can keep his/her funds in one account and link other account with online banking app.
  • Login and passwords should be kept at safe place not accessible by others.
  • People should also maintain record of hard copy/evidence of transactions executed online.
  • Never share login, passwords and other personal details with anyone to avoid hacking. However you can always change your password if you think it has been compromised.
  • Account holder must get the service of alerts by banks. It can be SMS alert, email alert or phone call alert.
  • Quickly block your ATM card and report to bank for any transaction that is not done by you.
  • Record phone call to the banker on helpline as an evidence of your report/ complaint to bank.
  • If you receive any alert of unauthorized transaction in your account, do report it to bank as quickly as possible and advise bank to block further transactions and monitor unauthorized transaction right after your lodgment of complaint.
  • Bank ratings do matter, therefore use online banking with the bank that has a good reputation in terms of security protocols and timely resolution of complaints.

While you are enjoying benefits of online banking, all visitors are advised to keep in mind the security tips for online banking to avoid any frauds and phishing activity.

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