Why did you choose our bank?

The interview panel shortlists those applicants who provide the best reason for “why did you choose our bank?” during a bank interview. Many people, after completion of their studies, apply for jobs in banks where they find any vacancy. They need a job not to sit idle. If you are one of those people, then don’t ever tell them that you have applied to different banks. You must have a precise reason. The reason must be good enough to impress the panel. This is one of the most common bank interview questions asked from potential bankers during an interview.

You need to communicate positively about the interviewer, the management of the bank, the strategies and reputation. You can also include that I always wanted to be a part of your team because I know your bank’s management is the best as compared to other banks. I have an account in this bank, so I have a fantastic experience here. I want to be a part of such management and work for it. You need to search for information about the company before you go to the interview. It will help a lot in answering with relevance.

Do not ever talk about your ease that you prefer the bank because the salary is handsome and it’s near my residence etc. They don’t prefer such people to be a part of their work. You cannot ignore preparation for this question as it is one of the most common bank interview questions and very favorite for the interview panel.

Sample Answers to question: Why did you choose our bank?

While answering the question, you must keep in mind that the interviewer feels you prefer that bank and not others.

Answer no. 1: I always wanted to be a part of such a fantastic team because I have a great experience being a client in this bank. Every person over here always prefer their every client, so I prefer this bank.

Answer no 2: I always get happy about the products and other advantages that your bank provided because they are beneficial for everyone. However, if I compare them with other bank’s benefits, your bank is still dominant.

Answer no. 3: I applied for two other jobs in different banks, but still, I’ll accept the job here because after having in-depth research about the three and being a client of this company, I found this bank that put the clients on priority. After observing the company as a client, I would say that I can work best within your environment.

Avoid the following answers:

The interviewers don’t like such type of answers:

  • That you say; I like the company so I want to work here. It’s a right answer but not that much to convince an interviewer
  • You may answer the question correctly but not relevant to the company, which shows that you haven’t any idea about it. The manager will think you are not interested to know about the bank but in the job’s benefits.
  • Do not ever say that I was searching for jobs, so I found a vacant position at your bank, and I applied.
  • Do not ever say that I choose the bank because of salary, package, or suitable location.

Have a research about the bank before the interview:

You must visit the company’s website and read each and everything about them. Whether it’s their salary package, bank account (all the types), reputation, management, products, services, you must have an in-depth study. The company’s website will cover other things such as their background, latest news, mission statement, etc. Without knowing about the bank; you can’t answer the question concisely. Search about its services, branches, packages to question all the answers, whether it’s a question, why choose us? Or other.

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