Why do you want to become a bank teller?

Why do you want to become a bank teller? With this question, every interviewer likes to hear that you are passionate about the job. No one likes to hear that you applied just because you want any job. When he asks you this question during bank job interview, you need to take care while answering him. Try to add something extraordinary to your answer like: you want to be a part of their team to contribute by using your customer skills etc. The following are some of the best sample answers to this question. You can add something that you think is important to impress the interviewer.

Sample Answers to Bank Interview Question “Why do you want to become a bank teller?”

Sample answer no. 1:
My communication skills impress everyone, and I love talking to different people. I know I can perform better as a teller because I love to communicate with people and try to impress them. I can develop a trustworthy relationship with them and then convert them into your clients. It is one of the reasons I am here.

Sample answer no. 2:
I always wanted to become an employee at this bank. As I cannot be at a high-tier job at this bank so I would try to reach that level by giving my best as a great teller. I want to become a member of your team to help people if they find any problem being a customer or client.

Sample answer no. 3:
Being the client of your bank, I always like to be in your environment. The customer service that your employees provide is fantastic. I’ll feel proud if I become a part of such a talented team.

Sample answer no. 4:
I want to be at this position because if I want to grow as a mortgage specialist (any other purpose you want – It’s not important to add mortgage specialist – try to add you aim), I should start with you. I believe your bank is the best in every field, and I can reach my goal by taking start as a teller.

Sample answer no. 5:
I have over five years of experience at another bank, but the branch where I was working was small, so I couldn’t achieve my aim. This is why I applied here to get my objective as a loan specialist (any other if you want – you can add your purpose, it’s not mandatory to add loan specialist). So, I want to take start from a bank teller and then try to reach my goal.

The primary purpose of this bank interview question “why do you want to become a bank teller?” is that the interviewer confirms that you want to become a teller. He wants to examine that you wish for that specific job and not any other. Tell him a good reason why you want to become a teller. If you’re going to become a teller, and then a senior manager, talk about everything. Try to mention all the right things and avoid anything which annoys the interviewer.

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