Why should this bank hire you?

Why should this bank hire you? is the most common question every interviewer asks. Answering this question stands you out differently from thousands of applicants. There are thousands of applicants, and the interviewer chooses a minimum of 10 or 20, so he needs to shortlist those few applicants by asking this question. If you want to be one of those 20, then you must convince the interviewing panel by answering correctly.

Many people during bank interview answer the questions in a wrong way like:

  • I am the right choice for it because I am fit for this position
  • I applied because I need the job
  • I can work better as compared to others

Such answers clearly show that the applicant lack knowledge about the bank. He seems not interested in contributing to our team but to get any job. By comparing yourself to others and calling yourself better than others is immature. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s because you are overconfident and claiming others not better than you, where you haven’t met them yet. Always talk about yourself and not others. Try to convince the manager that you can contribute a lot by taking part in the team.

The bank manager sees the following in you:

  • You must have a right personality
  • You must communicate well and have the patience to deal with customers
  • You are interested in the position
  • You must have experience related to the position

Your answers must include the above points because the interviewer wants to hear them from you. You should make yourself different and try to tell him you can contribute to the team that you think others can’t.

Possible answers to the question:

Answer no. 1: I can convince anyone with my excellent communication skills. Everyone enjoys my company and likes to talk to me and hear me, so I know I can satisfy many new clients and communicate better with them.

Answer no. 2: I always wanted to have this job. I love being a client of this bank for several years, so I know everything’s about its management and reputation. I can give greater customer service and available for you whenever you need me professionally.

Answer no. 3: I have many years of experience working in a bank so I can perform whatever your bank needs to grow. I applied for this job by first reading its requirements, and I found I got the same skills, and the position matched my ability.

Answer no. 4: I can adapt every change, and I learn everything faster. I am interested and honest with my work. I will use my abilities, which I got from experience in the bank, and you won’t regret appointing me.

Things to do to prepare the question: Why this bank should hire you?

Every bank specifies the job description while offering a position. You must read the skills they need and try to fulfill them because they ask so many questions related to it. Trying this will help you to answer this question if the job is about helping people in creating bank accounts, so you’ll need patience and communication skills to do so.

Think about your experience related to the job and make a proper statement, so if this question is asked, you can adequately answer them by saying that I have experience in this field, or I have been an employee of xyzzy bank, etc.

You must convince them by your abilities and skills that you stand out differently. What can you give us with your unique talents, how you can benefit our bank? These all will automatically answer the question, why should this bank hire you?

When the interviewer asks you the question, why should this bank hire you? He notices you that how brief and confidently you answer the question. He examines your answer by checking its length. So, try not to add extra words and do not shorten it too much.

Hopefully, this explains you the answer to bank interview question: why should this bank hire you?

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